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Monday 14th August

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August 14th 1967: With the Marine Broadcasting Offences Act coming into force at midnight Radio London (Big L) closes down at 3.00pm after broadcasting its “Their Final Hour” programme. But a defiant Radio Caroline vows to continue.

East Point Radio marks 50th anniversary of the Marine Offences Act from Just Talking on Vimeo.

Monday 14th August 2017 on RTI, Radio Tatras International from Radio Tatras on Vimeo.

ABC (Australia) National News Report 13.08.17 – UK Pirate Radio

240p screen grab of BBC Breakfast this morning

Total geeky radio stuff. GB5RC station ‘radio caroline’ QSO on 80 meters yesterday.

Radio Caroline memories: part 1 from Isle of Man TV

Radio Caroline memories: part 2 from Isle of Man TV

Sunday 13th August

After 7.00am Monday Watch Johnnie Walker on BBC Breakfast

7.20am Monday – Tony Blackburn on Radio 4 Today Programme.

09.00 Monday – BBC Radio Leeds Stephanie Hirst will be playing an hour of 60s pirate radio classics on vinyl

10pm Sunday – 1am Monday and 6am – 4pm Monday Pirate BBC Essex on Air from light ship and Ross Revenge.

ABC: Radio Caroline: Golden age of British pirate radio remembered, 50 years on

BBC: The final days of the pop pirates

I think Tony Benn knew that the musicians sailed out the the ships with their records.

Saturday 12th August

50 years since the UK Government stamped down on radio pirates – and Manx Radio’s celebrating by commandeering Radio Caroline’s “MV Ross Revenge”.

Legislation to stop the practice sparked a constitutional row between Tynwald and Whitehall, and for four years, Radio Caroline North operated just off Ramsey. more…

Radio Caroline is on 1KW 1350KHz in Milan Italy.

Caroline North starts 10.30am tune in 1368KHz if you’re near the Irish Sea.