SDR radio station in Dublin

Today I set up a SDR station. Basically I turned an old PC and a €15 RTL-SDR dongle into an online remote control radio tuner for up to 20 people to connect to at any one time. When my station is fully up and running people all over the world can tune in to a radio in Dublin Ireland on frequencies from 10KHz to 2GHz. The online part is powered by OpenWebRX.

You can try it out now at SDR.HU

Meanwhile I need to upgrade the front end receiver and get a upconverter to allow use on HF bands like LW/MW/SW.

I will update this post occasionally as to the progress. Needless to say radio that can be shared on the listening side can be shared on the station side too. If you want to join a small group of SWL/experimenters setting up a communal station on a very low budget email and I will add you to the WhatsApp group.

Update1: 08/08/2017 I over came a few hurdles with my ISP and router and have set up port forwarding and shared SDR with the world for an hour tonight. I have formed the WhatsApp group and so far 3 of us will set about setting up a station in Dublin 13. More research has gone into KiwiSDR SDRplay & HackRF.

update 2: screen shot 09/08/2017

SDR radio station in Dublin

This video might help explain the progression of radio signal processing