Featured Station: Scouting Radio

Scouting Radio is a listener supported Internet Radio station broadcasting to the Scouting Movement 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the latest news and information on events, camps and jamborees from every corner of the world.

Based in Ireland Scouting Radio has been serving scouting members worldwide since 2005.

Tune in 24/7 at www.scoutingradio.com

The Mickey Bradley Record Show

There are loads of great records out there. Mickey Bradley has bought, borrowed and blagged lots of
them since his teenage years and he’ll play as many as he can in two hours. Tune in for vintage rock, pop, and new releases, from Alice Cooper to the Clash, Dusty to the Divine Comedy, Slade to Soak.

listen in here

dude where did my listeners all go?

Percentage of adults (over 15s) listening to radio daily

2017 82%
2016 82%
2015 84%
2014 83%
2013 84%
2012 85%
2011 85%
2010 86%
2009 86%
2008 87%
2007 84%

There is no doubt that radio is popular in Ireland but percentages are great at hiding the reality. In 2008 there was a 3% jump upward in a single survey (3 months). What happened. Well hundreds of thousands of people emigrated. These young people are statistically less loyal to radio. Their older parents are more loyal. The population fell by over 250,000 as the financial crisis (which is 10 years old this week) sent our young to Canada and Australia and many places in between.

Back home the Irish Times attributed the rise in listeners to our radio audience loving gloomy talk radio about the economic crash with the troika in town. Nothing could be further from the truth. Younger less loyal radio listeners left Ireland leaving older more loyal listeners at home. The population and total available ears to hear radio fell by a quarter million and radios daily listeners increased 3% but only as a percentage!

The anniversary of the economic crash reminds us that the crash is older than the iPhone. Released June 2007 it went on sale in Ireland in late 2007. The iPhone has probably done more damage to radio audience than the economic crash. Not to the age group that emigrated and now returned and not to their analogue parents but to the next generation. The Gen-Zeds are growing up with mediated musical/audio experiences delivered by internet protocol and not served by radio transmitters. The iPhone has no radio chip enabled in the device. The next generation is gone. No new youth radio (Spin, Beat, iRadio) have come on air since the iPhone arrived and one such station has departed in this decade with the departure of TXFM (nee Phantom FM).

If an industry is in a time warp where the playlists are getting older and older meeting retirement / comeback / reunion tours of the artists they play then radio is in a decline. The percentages will hide it for a while but radio is lost on the young and it need not be so.

A reinvention can show that the old school social media that was radio has a part to play in the one to many style of entertainment so lost on the youth of today.

image: http://www.mirror-image.com/audioinfographic/

feat. prog. Pure Phase

Broadcast yesterday evening on Near FM. Pure Phase is a radio show on NEAR 90 FM (90.3FM), in Dublin, Ireland. Hosted by David Bryan, you will experience a broad mix of psychedelic, space, progressive, kraut, shoegaze, fuzz and experimental music from Irish and international artists.

The best music is on the fringes of Irish Radio, if what is popular is the tall head, this is where pop radio is commercial and narrow minded in playlist size. Then there is a long tail that is full of exciting non popular (yes this is a good thing) great radio. And this show on Near FM is worthy of more attention while staying non pop non stop.

Pure Phase Playlist 08/08/2017
Glen Campbell : Wichita Lineman
The Move : Fire Brigade / Move
The Accent : Red Sky at Night
The Balloon Farm : A Question Of Temperature
Traffic : Hole In My Shoe / Mr. Fantasy
Eire Apparent : Captive In The Sun / Sunrise
Hawkwind : Mirror Of Illusion / Hawkwind
Jimi Hendrix : Machine Gun / Band Of Gypsys
Khruangbin : Mr. White / The Universe Smiles Upon You
Mushroom : I Had Some Dreams, They Were Clouds In My Coffee / Foxy Music
Tractor : Everytime It Happens / Tractor
Yeti Lane : Délicat / L’Aurore

from Reel to Peel keeping it real in analogue

BBC Radio Ulster’s ALT meets audio producer and engineer Julie McLarnon of Analogue Catalogue in Rathfriland. She reveals how she used her dad’s garage to build her first studio, How John Peel was a big fan of the early records she produced and she gives advice on becoming a producer.

Feat. Progs. This Island Nation / Seascapes

Tom McSweeney (once of the RTE parish) is a broadcaster and expert in maritime issues. He now broadcasts a monthly radio show on CRY 104 (Community Radio Youghal). The show sounds as good as it did on RTE. It is syndicated on CRAOL stations across Ireland. Tightly scripted with plenty of news, dates for the diary and maritime history.

Seascapes on RTE Radio 1 was presented by Marcus Connaughton until he retired in June 2017 and RTE correspondent Fergal Keane has taken over the microphone. The RTE show is weekly but is hidden away at 10.30pm on a Friday night.

SDR radio station in Dublin

Today I set up a SDR station. Basically I turned an old PC and a €15 RTL-SDR dongle into an online remote control radio tuner for up to 20 people to connect to at any one time. When my station is fully up and running people all over the world can tune in to a radio in Dublin Ireland on frequencies from 10KHz to 2GHz. The online part is powered by OpenWebRX.

You can try it out now at SDR.HU

Meanwhile I need to upgrade the front end receiver and get a upconverter to allow use on HF bands like LW/MW/SW.

I will update this post occasionally as to the progress. Needless to say radio that can be shared on the listening side can be shared on the station side too. If you want to join a small group of SWL/experimenters setting up a communal station on a very low budget email reception@radio.ie and I will add you to the WhatsApp group.

Update1: 08/08/2017 I over came a few hurdles with my ISP and router and have set up port forwarding and shared SDR with the world for an hour tonight. I have formed the WhatsApp group and so far 3 of us will set about setting up a station in Dublin 13. More research has gone into KiwiSDR SDRplay & HackRF.

update 2: screen shot 09/08/2017

This video might help explain the progression of radio signal processing

The Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland: 21 Years On radio doc on LMFM at noon today

Little Road Productions’ radio documentary ‘The Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland: 21 Years On’ will be broadcast on LMFM Radio on Bank Holiday Monday August 7th at 12noon.

Funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) with the Television Licence Fee, this one hour documentary charts the amazing 21 year history of the Cross Border Orchestra Ireland, whilst following them through their Peace Proms 2017 concerts in Liverpool, Dublin, Belfast & Limerick.

Featuring interviews with Sharon Treacy-Dunne, Founder of the CBOI, and Greg Beardsell, Musical Director, along with soloists Patricia Treacy, Eoin Hynes, Zena Donnelly, Lauren Murphy and Cormac Keegan, the documentary also speaks with members of the orchestra from North and South including the Colmcille Pipe Band, Harris Piping, the Michelle Johnston School of Highland Dance and the Rooney O’Malley Maguire School of Irish Dancing.

It also features teachers & pupils involved in the Peace Proms from all across Ireland & also from Liverpool.

If you’re not in the Louth/Meath area, you can also listen in on www.lmfm.ie at 12 noon, Monday August 7th 2017.

BAI gets expressions for new FM services

The Irish Times reports that there are 13 groups with an interest in new FM radio services in Ireland.

While the 13 groups are not listed in the article there are a few of the well known groups wishing to expand their FM reach listed. 8 Radio, Radio Nova & Country FM.

The 13 would not include the aspirant community radio stations which alone would out number the 13.

FM radio continues to be the dominant platform for radio in Ireland where DAB radio has failed to grow. Last month the independent DAB Mux 2 closed down and a number of years of extended trials.