Future of Media Commission

In January 2021 the Future of Media Commission sought submissions for interested people to shape the future landscape of media in Ireland and from Irish people aboard. 750 submissions were made which is an outstanding number of connections made.

Myself and John Walsh made a submission which calls for the opening up of spectrum to new uses to breathe some life into the grassroots of radio.

Here is a copy of our submission A new community media model from the ground up.

In conclusion we call for the following action points to be addressed as they are essential to a new grassroots public media model:

  1. Foster and grow micro and niche services for underserved groups.
  2. Deregulate spectrum to grow diversity of use.
  3. Incentivise use of unused spectrum for hyper-local media.
  4. Establish and fund a national network of community media hubs.
  5. Develop core-funding model for such community media and hubs.
  6. Abolish broadcasting levy for community and institutional stations.
  7. Streamline licencing process to facilitate alternative media uses.
  8. Scrap Section 71 fees for content licences.
  9. Roll out media literacy training to deliver ready to use practical media skills.