Radio Scilly Closedown Sequence

The smallest radio station in the world 107.9 FM Radio Scilly Closedown Sequence – Radio Scilly Goes AUTOMATIC 7 days a week from 10PM TO 7AM

Wikipedia says

Radio Scilly is a not for profit, non-profit distributing community radio station. It launched at 2 pm on 3 September 2007, and broadcasts to 2,100 residents of the Isles of Scilly.

It broadcasts on FM on 107.9 MHz from the existing radio mast by the Coastguard Tower at Telegraph on St. Mary’s island. Currently, BBC Radio Cornwall transmits from there on 96 MHz. Tests show that all of the Isles of Scilly can be covered from this site, and the transmitter output power is 100 watts vertical polarisation, although the station is licensed for up to 200 watts mixed polarisation.
It claims to be the world’s smallest radio station, due to the small number of residents on the islands, and the fact that reception beyond islands is very limited (reception is possible in St. Just in Cornwall). However, its licensed service area population is slightly larger than that of the UK’s smallest licensed station Two Lochs Radio which broadcasts to an official service area population of just 1,681.