We Love Radio

radio.ie is working on podcasting and radio research, working where radio meets social, radio’s oral history with the with pirate.ie project, also working on “demand radio on demand” via mental health radio station Shining Bright Radio and last but not least applying some R&D into a new ‘podcast channel’ player over in the radio lab. Following a masters in DCU which explored social media communications and how podcasting is impacting in the radio industry RADIO.IE is experimenting with new methods of radio engagement to harness the power of social and the resonance of radio to bring audience experience closer to the broadcast message.

82% of people in Ireland listen to radio every day. at radio.ie we spend ^82% of every day …. yes … working on radio.

Ahead of the October pirate radio event in Ballsbridge Hotel I spoke to Dave Fanning on RTÉ 2FM

^ we might exceed 82% if we include podcast aggregation on servers doing weird code pubsubhubbub stuff