Wireless Flirt

If this site had a blog roll the first link would be to Wireless Flirt. It is the supporting blog to a great radio show on Flirt FM. It is presented by (disclaimer: my good friend) John Walsh who is clearly passionate about all things radio. John produces and presents a monthly 1 hour radio show all about radio on Galway’s students station Flirt FM.

Currently Flirt FM is on summer holidays (yes some radio stations get a break) but Wireless Flirt is busy making future programmes.

A good sampler of the first year of programmes from Wireless Flirt was broadcast on Community Radio Day on Flirt FM.

Along with the blog each episode is archived on the programmes Mixcloud account for playback on demand.

John’s newscaster delivery is ideal for a radio show about radio, I can confirm he sounded just the same at 15 years of age! when he started on 80’s station Big Beat Radio.

Beyond the radio show the blog also exposes John’s writing skills. For example his article A Cure-head trapped in tranquillity: memories of KLAS 98.5 FM is a classic example of passionate writing of a subject close to his heart.

Year 2 of Wireless Flirt is about to kick off. Keep 3pm on the first Monday clear in your diary or wait anxiously like me for the podcast to drop within 6 to 24 hours after the broadcast.