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What they says about themselves….
Crush Industries creates insightful media, products, and services designed to increase innovation potential in businesses and individuals. Our flagship property, Innovation Crush, is a weekly interview series with over 700,000 subscribers around the world.

Innovation Crush is a fun, funny, and highly informative series profiling the rock stars of innovation and game-changing ideas shaping the world today.

One part Fast Company, and one part Comedy Central’s, The Daily Show, each episode is a walk through the minds and lives of awe-inspiring idea-makers around the world.

Innovation Crush podcast

Meet the host Chris Denson
Chris Denson is an award-winning innovator, marketer, recovering comedian, and host of the Innovation Crush podcast, with over 700,000 subscribers around the world. Having been a guest speaker, curator, and attendee at 100’s of industry events, Chris is an expert at uncovering the best thinking and commonalities across a diverse array of cultures. Applying his expertise to the likes of the White House, Summit Series, and Omnicom Media Group, his work has been featured Adweek, Forbes, the New York Times, and Inc, to name a few.

His career has spanned marketing, media, technology integration and product innovation. With an early background steeped in stand up comedy, screenwriting, and production, Chris conceived Innovation Crush in 2013, launching the series in 2014. He is a graduate of Michigan State University, holds a degree in packaging engineering; spending his first years after college as an engineer for Daimler-Chrysler.

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