World Radio Day 2024

Happy World Radio Day 2024. This site as been offline for a few weeks with the teaser that it returns today. What was the tease? Where is the big reveal?

There isn’t a big reveal as once intended. A career move into television in January has had me busy in a new job so for now here is what is new.

World Radio Day 2024
  1. As of today Feb 13th 2024 UPˢᵗʳᵉᵃᵐ pain free radio archiving is now FREE for Community Radio in Ireland. Any paid plans will become free plans and any stations not yet using UPˢᵗʳᵉᵃᵐ can jump on for free via an email to
  2. A convergence APP for Irish is media slowly being built see /signal for an early peek. It brings together 260+ Irish radio streams, 300+TV news channels via, the latest 15 Irish Radio uploads to Mixcloud, a randomised TV playlist, the latest 50 Irish Podcast drops.
  3. I have begun blogging about media over at
  4. radio /tune continues as a http/s player and is now 100% https
  5. Older Radio Lab projects that have been much ignored are mothballed. Access to theses and papers available on request.
  6. New radio shows on Canary Islands and Dublin radio have begun. Links to follow.

That’s about it except, well, this project now gets serious about being a labour of love. Expect more great things less often 🙂 “take your passion – and make it happen” Irene Cara.