Getting Started in Shortwave Listening

[reblog] EI6GSB Conor Farrell writes

Have you ever listened to your own local or national radio stations and wondered what similar stations are like around the world? Maybe you’ve listened to news bulletins in the US and wondered what was being reported in the UK about the same events. These days, it’s easy to get the information we need over the internet, and I’m often asked why I bother listening to radio when I can just stream the audio online. Those of an older vintage will know that receiving radio signals from around the world was a normal and everyday experience, and that listening to radio has a certain “quality” that online digital audio streams simply can’t provide.

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Big Beat Radio 1986/2016

12 months ago today was deployed to broadcast a very special radio station reunion of Big Beat Radio, 30 years after its first transmissions in Baldoyle village in 1986.

Hear again the 2016 station and some special programmes replayed from 1986.

Ireland first independent radio station 1988

St Ita’s Hospital Radio was the first radio station in Ireland to receive one of the new broadcast licenses when the Minister for Communications of the day (Ray Burke) introduced the broadcasting bill in 1988. St. Ita’s is part of the Irish Hospital Radio Network and in 2017 will be broadcasting for 34 years.

Still broadcasting from the hospital the station can be heard locally on 89.5FM and also online.

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8radio submits expression of interest to BAI

This week 8radio submitted their expression of interest in an FM licence to the BAI. 8radio thanked their listeners on their facebook page.

Previously 8radio said of the call for submissions welcomes the decision of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) to seek expressions of interest in new FM Radio licences. believes that it has developed a significant niche in the Radio market and that a permanent multi-city FM licence coupled with an appropriate business and regulatory model can deliver a strong and sustainable radio station. Our expression of interest will be lodged with the BAI this week and to help us, we’d love it if you filled out our 1 minute survey so we can show the BAI that you’re real people with good taste!